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During this program, we will share with you more our know-how and experiences. We will show more advanced techniques so that you can become more independent in the canyon. In the end, you will become our teammates and be able to rely on yourself as well.

We begin the program, we brush up your canyoning techniques and do some exercises. We will teach in which conditions is it safe to enter the canyon, based on weather, your skills, difficulty of the canyon, amount of water. We will go through more hand-signals for better communication as well.

In our list we have three top canyons Rio Brussine, Rio Patoc and Rio Lavaria. Although depending on the situation (water level, weather, your skills and experiences) we can go to others as well - Favarinis, Simon, Alba...

Price list

  • Váš první canyoning
    Váš první canyoning
    Váš první canyoning
    Váš první canyoning

    Long weekend

    3 canyons / 3 days

    Dates 2021 (MM/DD)
     3.7. —  5.7.
    1.8. — 8.8.
    18.9. — 19.9.

    Three canyons - three days in Bovec for experienced adveturers. Ideal for those, who want to improve their abseiling skills.

    Since we have enough time, we can teach you more in canyons, add some exercises, go through more rope techniques.

  • Váš první canyoning
    Váš první canyoning
    Váš první canyoning
    Váš první canyoning

    Just weekend

    3 canyons / 2 days

    Dates 2021 (DD/MM)
     5.6. —  6.6.
    24.7. — 25.7.
    21.8. — 22.8.
    11.9. — 12.9.

    Ideal for those who do not want to waste a minute on their vacation and want to get the most bang for their buck. Three canyons - two days. Non-stop action. There won't be a shortage of adrenalin.

    Eat, sleep, canyon, repeat. Two days packed with action and adventures.

  • Váš první canyoning
    Váš první canyoning
    Váš první canyoning
    Váš první canyoning

    Private group


    Learn more

    This option is tailored just for your group, family or team. You can choose the date, destination, difficulty and program from our menu or plan an individual trip from scratch, which will suit your personal needs even more

    A great option for families with children or company team-building.

Price informations

  • 3x Canyoning adventure
  • Training and safety briefing
  • English speaking guide
  • Entries and permits into canyons
  • Equipment for canyoning

Price informations
Not included:

  • Transfer
  • Accomodation
  • Insurance
Váš první canyoning
Váš první canyoning
Váš první canyoning
Váš první canyoning


The first on list is a canyon called Rio Patoc. This canyon is great for people who are new to abseiling. There are 15 beautiful rappels between 3 and 20 metres with unforgettable sights. We finish in a river, which flow can bring us all the way to our cars if the water level is fine. We finish in a gentle current that, in the right conditions, takes us all the way to the carpark.

The second canyon, Rio Brussine, is a perfect ending to the trip. It begins with a 7m (voluntary) jump and ends with 60m rappel. Between these two waterfalls, you can expect some technical jumps, interesting slides and beautiful rappels.

Last one is magnificent gorge called Rio Lavaria, with amazing repels and white greenish rocks.

Additional informations


Italian city Tolmezzo is modern tourist desnation in middle of Soča Valley. It is located on north of Slovenin-Italian border.

All the roads are great and you will basically get to the city almost all the way by highway so you do not need to be scared to come with your own car or caravan.


Around Tolmezzo town is a good choice to stay, as it is not so crowded. There are a few campsites, hotels and mountain huts. You can find the right spot for you on and it’s best to book in advance.


We do not provide insurance - and not because of the price - but because we don’t want to ask for your personal information.

Frequently asked questions

No, we believe that canyoning is an activity that can be fun for everyone. It is enjoyable not only for adrenaline junkies, but also for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Example: on our trip we can encounter a 10m waterfall with the option of jumping down. Some people jump right away, some need a little encouragement and some can go down the waterfall using ropes - that way they don't have to jump at all. Everyone can get something out of it and fine-tune the experience to their preferred level of adrenaline.
Almost no one has experience with canyoning. That’s why we created the BEGINNERS program. We will guide you through the whole trip. At the beginning, during the safety briefing, all required equipment and techniques will be demonstrated.
The water can be a bit cold. But you will get wetsuits that will protect you. Normally you are only cold for the first few seconds, then water in the neoprene suit reaches body temperature and you will become one with the water.
If you add up the cost of entry to individual canyons, you will get a similar price to our program. But most importantly, we offer much more. Our program differs from other agencies in that it lasts at least two days and we take you through more than one canyon. Additionally, our approach is not to go through the canyon as quickly as possible (so that we could go again with another group right away). We are in no hurry and we try to pass on our knowledge and expertise to you during the trip. What we offer you is COMPREHENSIVE CANYONING. We are with you even outside the canyon itself, whether we pass on other canyoning know-how or go out to dinner together.
For children above 10 years of age, canyoning is great fun. We just prefer not to mix our younger guests (up to 15 years) with normal groups. They usually need more attention and more help, which we are happy to give. But this can slow the whole group down and others might not be so happy about this. For this reason we provide trips with children only in our program PRIVATE CANYONING.
If you are afraid of jumping, you don't have to. Every jump can be done with the rope. Also, we only jump when we know it is safe. It is our favorite part of canyoning. Usually at the beginning even small jumps can be an adrenaline rush, but you will get used to it quickly.
No problem. The neoprene suits will make you float. And canyons are more like springs with pools than big, powerful rivers.
The hardest part is usually a circa 35 minute long approach to the beginning of the canyon. If you really feel that you’re not in the best shape, choose the program for three days with one canyon per day.
That can be a bit of a problem. If you are shaking one meter above the ground maybe canyoning won't be your cup of tea. On the other hand, canyoning is about pushing the limits and getting out of your comfort zone, to see the unseen and feel alive. The worst feedback we ever got was: guys this is not for me, but I am happy that I went with you and tried it at least once.
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. At the beginning we’ll teach you the right technique and we’ll belay you for extra safety.
The neoprene suit provides excellent protection. Imagine wrapping yourself in a yoga mat. It’s something like that except you can move easier. We also provide pro-canyoning shoes with an anti-slip sole.
If we approach canyoning with respect, the risk is minimal. Driving in a car is probably more dangerous.

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