Tolmezzo - Friuli

A sleepy Italian region next to the Slovenian and Austrian borders on the west slopes of Julian Alps close to a town called Tolmezzo. An amazing place with a huge amount of canyons, often with vertical walls and crystal clear water.

It is quite close to seaside (1h drive), so if we are going for three day trip Prolonged weekend, we can easily get there after second canyon and enjoy relaxing afternoon on a beach

Váš první canyoning
Váš první canyoning
Váš první canyoning
Váš první canyoning

Canyoning in Friuli

In the Friuli region there are more than 40 different canyons! Most of them are vertical with amazing reppels. Each canyon is different there, but all of them are with amazing rock sculptures and many of them also with crystal clear water.

Almost canyoning paradise… There are not many people and if you come across some other group in the canyon it is always nice and friendly. Magnificent Rio Lavarie, abseiling Rio Patoc with surprise in the end, varied Rio Brussine and bi-colour Carlo Gasparini.

The best destination for people, who like abseiling and want to improve in it.

Our canyoning programs

In Friuli we offer BEGINNERS programs and ADVANCED programs(good practise, before canyons in Swiss) During all of the pre-listed trips we are creating groups of 4-8people. On top of that you can take a group of friends, organise team building and book a trip “PRIVAT CANYONING” (you can choose the date on your own as well as the difficulty of the trip).

Standard trips are mostly happening during weekends (Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon ) or starting already on Friday, which means one canyon per day). Program is always starting with training, safety instructions and three great canyons guided in a style of COMPREHENSIVE CANYONING

BeginnersAdvancedPrivate canyoning

Váš první canyoning
Váš první canyoning
Váš první canyoning
Váš první canyoning

Why to go canyoning with us?

We provide COMPREHENSIVE CANYONING. This means that we will not just show you this sport, but we will take you on a deep dive into it. We want to differentiate ourselves from standard canyoning agencies that build their business on quantity instead of quality. We have time and our goal is not to go down as fast as possible but to enjoy it as much as possible.

When possible, we will allow you to abseil yourself, instead of lowering you down like a bag of potatoes. Our tour starts with thorough training - not just a five-minute warm-up at the car park. It can take up to two hours and ends when you are prepared to do everything that is required in canyoning.

We are not organizing bus tours with 30 people on board. Our groups have a maximum of 8 members (if they were bigger, there would not be time and space to provide a full and proper service). We plan the whole trip so that one day you can go canyoning independently.

Why are we doing it this way? Our way of guiding is based on the idea that we do not want to downgrade this amazing sport to the experience of an amusement park. We want to preserve its magic and hope that by taking this approach, we are creating a more engaged community. We want to cater to people who are going with us to do canyoning repeatedly in different places. 45% of our clients are returning customers…


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